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VOC's - Volatile Organic Compounds are the chemicals that evaporate into the air and are harmful not only for environment but also people around.

“…When it comes to making an environmentally-friendly paint choice, low-VOC paints are climbing to the top of the eco-preferred paint charts in the minds of consumers – but is it the only thing we should consider?

Most of the big paint manufacturers sell low or no-VOC paints, while plant and mineral-based paints are carving a sought-after niche market. “VOCs emit the most strongly when paint is first applied, but can give off gasses for years,” says The Natural Paint Place’s Rick Roberts, who sells a European plant-and-mineral-based paint, which has zero VOC content. “Chemically sensitive people and women who are pregnant are our biggest customers. They are people who won’t risk being in contact with strong chemicals.” But VOCs are only part of the equation for people to weigh up when making an eco-friendly paint purchase…”

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